Addis College aspires to be one of the leading private Engineering and Technology College in quality education, research and technology transfer in east Africa in 2025.


Addis College works hard to produce qualified, efficient, and competitive professionals and entrepreneurs having diversified outlook and research capabilities to constructively contribute to the ever growing needs and aspirations of society in the areas of technology and business.

To effectively realize the mission, Addis College will, among others, carry out the following activities:

  • Making the College an exemplary  center of technical and technological  education and training; constantly work hard to deliver better in every aspect
  • Providing trainees with a career foundation to be  high experts/professionals and/or entrepreneurs;
  • Diversifying the technical and technological education and training programs;
  • Providing  the education and training in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Promoting research and scholarly activities to enhance its trainees’ competitiveness in their technological and business careers; and
  • Providing  the required human, material and financial resources for quality education and training and continuously  to be a competent institution in the country

  Core Values

  • Responsibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Accountability
  • Impartiality
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Gender sensitiveness 


Facilitate and support the collaborative activities of the College so as to consolidate its abilities and to produce qualified human resources in order to contribute to the overall national efforts of providing experts in the technology and business areas towards the country’s industrial transformation.

Addis College aims at:

  • providing balanced theoretical education and practical training, and
  • enabling trainees to become highly competent professionals/experts or entrepreneurs in technology and business;
  • contributing to the effort of raising  the qualitative productivity of industries and businesses in the country, and
  • playing a significant role in realizing  scientific and technological transformation and economic growth in Ethiopia to be in the middle income country

By way of realizing its vision and mission, the College began its education and training intervention with certificate programs and then gradually developed into degree level with different fields of study. In its more than twenty years of provision of education and training in various relevant social, technical and engineering fields, it has developed rich and expanded experience as an education and training institution.Having this background the current strategic plan includes opening new post graduate programs in different fields of studies to support GTP II of the country.