Addis College was first established in 1992GC in a rental house at Amist Kilo near the previous Addis Ababa University Faculty of Technology (currently Addis Abeba Institute of Technology, AAiT). Then, it was named as ዲስ ቴክኒክና ሙያ የእጅ ዕውቀት ትምህርት ቤት’.  Later the name was changed to ‘Addis Technical Skills School’. It is the first private technical and vocational school in the country.


The College started its training by giving a one-year and two-month training in Auto Mechanics, General Mechanics and Electronics for those students without jobs after completing grade12 in the academic studies. The objective of the training was to produce skilled labor force that can easily be employed and contribute to the economic growth of the country.

While the Technical and Vocational School was giving its training, it constructed its own building on a 10,000 sq metres of land granted by the government free of lease on September 29,1998 (Meskrem 19, 1990E.C) at Yeka sub-city, Woreda 8 (the previous 13/14) about half a kilometer down from the British embassy, in front of Misrak Poly-Technical  College.

The Technical Skills School developed to a College level of education and increased the number of its training program from three to ten. The College had also been providing 12+2 program of education and training from 2000 to 2005 EC.

Following the New Education Policy in the country in 2003 EC, it started the TVET program at a certificate level (10+1 & 10+2) and at diploma level (10+3) in six technologies and in six business fields.

After the College has built new buildings and improved the education and the training facilities, it started offering a first degree program of education and training in engineering and technology fields of study.

At present, the College is giving education and training in the degree program in four engineering and technology fields of study and these are Architecture and Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Construction Technology and Management and Automotive Technology and Vehicle Management.

The college has now a President and a Vice President and both are Ph. D holders in the engineering fields of study. There are a Faculty Dean, Administrative Dean and other responsible offices under the Vice President. And according to the Organizational Structure, the different department and offices come according to the structure (see Organizational structure menu)

At the moment, the college has been working to fulfill the requirements to get the name Addis University College and to start a Post Graduate Program in two engineering fields of study.